What will happen when we promote the wrong people

What will happen when we promote the wrong people

What will happen when we promote the wrong people? Well the answer is very straight.

Promoting the wrong people can be a significant issue for organizations as it can lead to the loss of their best employees.

When an employee sees someone else being promoted who they believe is not qualified or deserving, it can lead to a feeling of unfairness and a lack of motivation to continue working hard.

This can be especially true when a promoted employee is not capable of handling the new responsibilities and struggles to perform well in their new role. This can lead to a decrease in productivity and morale.

Furthermore, when talented employees feel that they are not being recognized or rewarded for their hard work, they may become demotivated and start to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Losing such employees can be costly for an organization as it takes time and resources to train new employees and bring them up to speed.

Therefore, it’s essential for organizations to carefully evaluate potential candidates for promotion and ensure that they have the necessary skills, experience, and qualities to handle the new responsibilities effectively.

By promoting the right people, organizations can retain their best talent and create a culture of fairness and motivation.

The organizations can survive even by losing the best people! It is heard alot that EVERYBODY is replaceable! But the reality is different. Unfortunately, the people’s actual values often reveal after their leave. The smart managers will recognize this loss creates a huge gap and it is usually impossible to find same people to take on the critical roles with the same talent, expertise, skills etc.!

The productivity and outcomes of the entire department might change just by losing one critical employee! However, it is a common issue to forget about calculating the best people’s values when the decisions are made about employees in some organizations!

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